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9 Common habits that might be affecting your sex life that you’ve probably never noticed

Sex Life

There’s a good chance that you have some common but unhealthy habits that are affecting your sex life in a negative way. You may not have noticed them but they’re having an impact on your relationship so you need to learn what they are so you can stop doing them and bring a spark back to your sex life.

1) Checking your phone before bed

It’s common now to always be on your phone and constantly check for new messages and people do this at all times of the day. You need to make sure that you put your phone down when it starts to get late and refuse to check your texts after a certain time, like 8 or 9 pm, so you can get out of this habit. By doing this you’re giving yourself time to pay attention to more important things like your partner. When it’s bed time set the mood by dimming the lights, snuggle up in bed, focus only on them and show them how much you still desire them.

2) Not making self-care a priority

A lack of self-care can affect your sex life because you’re not feeling one hundred percent and when you don’t feel good you’re unlikely to be aroused. You need to have a self-care routine because this will help keep you feeling in balance and healthy so start doing things like taking time to do hobbies you enjoy, exercise more often, meditate and eat more nutritious meals. This will improve your physical and mental health which can improve your sex drive and you’ll be initiating sex more often.

3) Scheduling sex time

Scheduling a sex time is something that can happen to couples if they’ve been together a long time and they’ve fallen into a routine. They may not realize they have a sex schedule but that’s what it is when you plan in advance when you’re having sex. You need to stop saying that you’re going to have a romantic night together once a month or whenever you choose because that takes away the spontaneity and eventually you’re going to lose interest. To take the routine and pressure out of performing at a certain time you can start by being romantic when you’re in the mood and surprise your partner with a massage that could lead to something even sexier.

4) Being stuck in a rut

Stuck in a rut

When you’re in a long term relationship you’re going to get stuck in a rut because the thrill of being with someone new is gone and you know what routine works best for the two of you. This will make being together easier because you know each other well but it will negatively affect your sex life because you’ll be doing the same old stuff in the bedroom. You’ll have sex less often because it’s no longer exciting so you have to start making an effort at bringing the spark back into the bedroom by trying a new position, role-playing or using sex toys.

5) Not dealing with stress or problems

Stressful Life

Life is stressful and everyone has problems they need to deal with but sometimes that’s tough or you procrastinate because it’s easier than confronting an issue. Learning to live with stress or ignoring problems are unhealthy habits to get into because they affect all areas of your life, including your sex life. Stress and anxiety decrease your libido and after awhile you’ll be so used to feeling this way that you won’t notice it anymore. If you’re living with stress you need to find ways to deal with it so you no longer feel weighed down by it.

6) Not getting enough sleep

A lack of sleep can ruin your sex time because you’re tired and your body just wants to rest. Poor sleep also lowers testosterone, which is an important factor of sex drives in men and women so if you and your partner aren’t getting enough sleep then your body will naturally lose interest in sex. You need to get into a proper sleep schedule so you can get the amount of sleep you need and bring your body back to working the way it should. Some people need less sleep than others so try increasing the amount you sleep each day until you find the amount of time that works for you.

7) Skipping exercise

Avoid unhealthy habits

Not exercising regularly will have negative impacts on your physical health and sex life because you won’t be in good shape and your energy levels will be low. You’ll also struggle with self-esteem issues because you won’t feel confident in how you look and won’t want to be intimate with your partner. This will make you avoid sex and a distance will grow between you and your partner, which is what you don’t want to happen.

8) Eating unhealthy food

Eating unhealthy food can have a big impact on your sexual desire but you might not realize it because most people only think of the more obvious health consequences of a poor diet like being overweight or having heart problems. If you eat too much junk food you can be affecting your sex life because clogged arteries, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels affect blood flow which can lead to suffering from erectile dysfunction. It can also leave you feeling sluggish and out of shape which will also affect how active you are in the bedroom. You need to leave unhealthy habits like junk food behind and try to eat more fruits and vegetables as well as foods that are considered aphrodisiacs.

9) Forgetting the romance

Candle lit dinner

Romance plays a big part in sexual desire because it makes you feel loved and turned on but in a long term relationship romance usually gets forgotten. You get used to your partner being there and there isn’t an expectation of wooing so you stop doing romantic things like making a candle lit dinner, buying her a present or flower just because you want to make her happy or giving them a back rub when they’ve had a hard day at work. To bring romance back and bring you closer to your partner you can do some of the things you used to do back in the early days of your relationship.

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