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8 Differences between having sex and making love

Making LoveThere’s a difference between having sex and making love but it takes time and understanding to learn that. Having sex is something you do with people you meet on hookup sites and there’s no real connection but making love is all about sharing an intimate and passionate moment with someone you love. It’s important to know the difference because it can change how things feel between you and your partner and you want to have a good, healthy sex life with them.

1) You feel shy and vulnerable

When you’re having sex you might feel a bit nervous, especially if it’s someone you’ve met on hookup sites, because you want it to go well and you don’t know what to expect from them. You won’t feel more personal things like being shy or vulnerable because you know that this person isn’t that important to you. When you’re making love you’re going to feel shy and vulnerable because you’re sharing an intimate moment that’s emotionally charged. You’re shy because you’re sharing how you feel with them and emotions can be difficult to express. You’re opening your heart up to them and you know they love you but expressing it like this very personal so you feel vulnerable. It takes certain circumstances to feel shy and vulnerable so if you’re feeling this way then there’s a reason for it.

2) You’re emotionally involved

Emotionally InvolvedIt’s very hard to be emotionally involved when you’re having sex because you’re too focused on the act itself and reaching climax. If you’ve met this person on hookup sites like adultfriendfinder then you won’t let yourself get emotionally involved because you know it’s a one time thing and the only thing that matters is getting your needs met. There’s no emotions because it’s a physical transaction between two strangers. When you’re making love you’re going to be emotionally charged because you’re with someone you love and moments like these are when you’re closest to them. You’re reminded of how much you love them and you’re happy they’re in your life.

3) You’re with someone you love

If you’re with someone you met on hookup sites or with a long-term partner you’re falling out of love with then you’re probably in the habit of just having sex. You don’t truly love the person you’re with and you could be having sex with anybody at that moment because you care so little about them. When you’re making love you’re with someone you love and you’re trying to make this moment as special as you can. They’re the most important person in the world to you and the only person you want to be sharing this with.

4) It’s all about eye contact and little touches

Keeping Eye contactHaving sex is a basic act that is all about reaching climax so you only do what you need to do to get there. It’s all about what you want and if you’re a man that’s probably not romantic gestures. You’ll be more tender and gentle when you’re making love because you want to convey how you feel and heighten the intimacy between the two of you. You’ll give them foreplay until they can’t take it anymore and then you’ll keep it going by making eye contact and giving them little touches and caresses while making love with them. These small, gentle gestures make a big difference in how close you feel to each other during this time and that’s something you don’t experience when you’re just having sex.

5) You take your time

Since having sex is all about reaching climax you’re not going to take your time and will try to accomplish you goal as soon as you can. This is because of how you feel about what you’re doing and the lack of love or emotional connection to the person you’re with. You’ll take your time when making love because you want it to be memorable and you want the moment to last. You won’t rush things and will spend time on each of the important aspects of making love, like starting with foreplay to get them turned on then moving onto the act of sex which you do with emotions and gentle touching and finishing with cuddling or holding each other. Making love is an event you give it the time it deserves.

6) You make an effort

Make an effortYou won’t make an effort when you’re having sex because you’re only thinking about yourself and you know how to get yourself to the point of reaching climax. You’ll do the bare minimum and won’t do anything just because it might make your partner feel good. When you’re done having sex you’ll either leave if it’s someone you met on hookup sites or you’ll go to sleep if it’s your partner. You’ll make an effort when you’re making love because you want your partner to experience pleasure and you’ll do what you can to make it perfect. You’ll touch them the way they like and remember to do sex acts that they love because you care about what it’s like for them.

7) There’s passion and sensuality

There’s no passion or sensuality when you’re having sex because it’s a cold mechanical act due to lack of love, emotions and intimacy. You see this as a way to have an orgasm and nothing more. When you’re making love there’s moments of passion and sensuality because of how turned on you are and the emotions that are running through you. There’s a feeling of excitement and you feel sexy knowing how bad your partner wants you. Passion and sensuality bring a whole other level to sex and you can tell the difference.

8) It is more than a physical act

The main point of having sex is to reach climax and that’s it. There’s no emotions, you may be with someone you’ve just met on hookup sites, you’re only thinking about your needs and there’s a cold, detached feeling to it. Making love is more than the act of sex, it’s an intimate and emotional event between you and the person you love. It touches you on a deeper level and you find it more meaningful. You experience things that you normally wouldn’t and you look forward to the next time you make love so you can feel that way again.

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