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7 Signs You Have Dating Fatigue & How to Bounce Back

Dating FatigueDating fatigue is something that people don’t talk a lot about because they don’t know that’s what they’re suffering from and blame it on being too stressed out from work, not getting enough sleep or feeling restless with life in general. It’s good to take a break from the dating scene now and again because this gives you a chance to focus on yourself and recharge so that you’re in a healthy mindset and ready to start a new relationship when the time is right. There are quite a few signs of dating fatigue but you need to know what they are and look out for them in your own life so they don’t go unnoticed and you can do something about it.

1) You keep thinking of your ex

You’ll think about your ex and wonder why things can’t be like that now. Since you don’t know you have dating fatigue you’re going to think that you just haven’t met the right person yet or that you’re not over your ex but the truth is you need a break from dating and have some time enjoying the single life. You’re tired of being in a relationship but are dating because it’s a routine you’re used to and you think you have to do it in order to move on but that’s going to make the dating fatigue worse.

2) You can’t get excited about a hook up

A hook up is meant to be exciting and something to look forward to but when you have dating fatigue you’re not going to care too much about it. You’re going to see a hook up as a way to pass the time and other everyday activities like watching TV or having a meal will have the same effect on you. It’s no longer special because you’ve done it too often lately and you know how the hook up is going to play out. The only way to get that excitement back is by not having a hook up for awhile and wait until you start craving one again.

3) The first date drags on

It’s normal to feel a swirl of emotions on a first date, from nervousness and fear to excitement and lust. You don’t know what to expect but that just adds to the thrill and you’re thinking about how the night will end, hopefully with sex. The first date will go by quickly because time seems to go faster when you’re having fun and this is how you should feel during this time. When you’re suffering from dating fatigue the first date will drag on because you’re not looking forward to getting to know the other person, it’s too much effort and you’d rather be doing something else. You’re counting the minutes and waiting for the date to end so you can get the sex you want or go home because your heart isn’t in the dating game.

4) You have unrealistic expectations

Having unrealistic expectationsHaving unrealistic expectations can lead to dating fatigue because no one you go out with will make you happy. You will go to the first date with a mental list of what you want in the perfect partner and you’re setting yourself up for failure by telling yourself not to settle for less. You are going to go on countless dates that are disasters and this is going to burn you out. You are going to try to get through this by forcing yourself to go on dates when you don’t want to because you’re hoping that the next person will be the one you’re dreaming of but things will never progress past the first date. You are going to be stuck in a cycle of bad dates until you put a stop to it.

5) You no longer believe in love

You’re going to stop believing in love when you have dating fatigue because you’re feeling run down and defeated. You expect the relationship to be a short one so you don’t make an effort at making things work. When you break up it re-affirms what you tell yourself and you go into the next relationship with a negative attitude which affects it. Having a string of failed first and second dates will cause you start feeling dating fatigue and you’re not going to want to keep experiencing this because you don’t think you’ll ever fall in love and have a great, long-lasting relationship. You are going to avoid dating anyone seriously and will settle for hook ups because they’re less emotional and don’t require love or commitment.

6) You only see their faults

Dating fatigue leads to you only being able to see the faults in a potential partner and you’re so jaded that you can’t think about their good qualities or how great a relationship with them could be. You don’t really want to be in a relationship right now and you know this deep down so you’re looking for reasons not to keep dating them. You’re going to pick out all of their flaws and use them as an excuse to break up with them which makes the situation their fault instead of admitting that the issue is with you and the dating fatigue you’re experiencing. This negative thinking is going to affect other areas of your life and your dating fatigue is going to turn into a general feeling of emptiness.

7) You don’t make an effort on the first date

You go through the motions when you have dating fatigue because you don’t have any motivation to make a genuine effort on the first date. You do the bare minimum and you don’t care if it leads to a second date because all you want to do is get home. The only reason you’re on a first date or having a hook up is because you don’t want to admit something is wrong and you’re doing what you think you should do. You tell yourself that going on a date and not making an effort at it is better than sitting home alone even though being alone is what you need.

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