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12 Reasons you shouldn’t follow your ex girlfriend on social media

Your Ex on Social MediaAfter a break up one of the first things you should do is stop following your ex on social media. This is important because if you don’t you’re going to do things you’ll regret, like cyber stalking your ex and reliving painful moments from the past. You want the break up to be as easy as possible so make a clean break of things and don’t follow your ex girlfriend on any social media sites.

1) You’ll be tempted to cyber stalk them

If you follow your ex on social media it’ll be easy for you to wonder what she’s up to and look her up. It’s normal to think about how they’re life is going after the break up but there’s a thin line between seeing what they’re up to once or twice and following everything they do because it’s the closest way you can have them in your life again.

2) You’ll find out she’s moved on

After a break up someone will move on first and if it’s her then it’s going to be painful for you to see that she has a new man in her life. She’s going to be posting relationship status updates and pictures of them together which will make you sad or jealous, especially if you’re still single. If you don’t follow her on social media then you won’t see any of this and it’ll be easier for you to forget about her.

3) You’ll get jealous of her replying to other people

When you follow someone on social media you can see a lot of the activities they do, such as liking posts other people have made or replying to them. You’ll get jealous when you see her interacting with other people because she won’t be doing that with any of your posts since she’s trying to leave you in the past.

4) She might think you want her back

You might send mixed signals to your ex by following her and she’ll think you might want to get back together with her. You don’t want to have any awkward moments that could happen from an idea like this so you need to make it clear that the break up really was the end of the relationship by un-following her.

5) Your new girlfriend will get upset

When you start dating again you’ll add you new girlfriend to your friends list on social media and she’s going to be looking at everything on your profile because she’ll want to know everything about you. If she sees your ex on there she’s going to think you’re not over her or that there’s something still going on and that could make her think twice about dating you.

6) You won’t have painful reminders of the break up

Break UpDuring your relationship with your ex both of you probably posted pictures of you together having fun and posted status updates about date nights or anniversaries. If you still follow your ex on social media you might come across things like this that she posted in the past and that’s going to bring back painful memories of when you were happy and in love with her.

7) You won’t accidentally get her attention

It’s easy to push the wrong button and like a post she made or try to scroll through her posts and hit the ‘poke’ or ‘hi’ button which will let her know you’ve been looking at her page.

8) You won’t waste time analyzing every post

After a break up you’re going to wonder if she’s thinking about you or missing you and you could find out how she’s feeling by reading her status updates on social media. The problem with this is that you’re going to ready every post she makes and waste time analyzing it for a deeper meaning. You could misinterpret a post and think it’s about you when it isn’t and that will mess with your mental and emotional well-being.

9) You can post whatever you want

If your friends with your ex on social media you’ll have to be careful about what you post so you don’t make the break up worse than it already is. You might post things about the break that you’ll regret later, such as how much you hate or your ex or how glad you are to be single again. If your ex sees this she’ll get upset and will get in touch with you or post her own thoughts about you. If you aren’t friends with her online then you can post whatever you want without worrying about her reading it.

10) You won’t get addicted to checking it

You can get addicted to checking your ex’s page on social media if you’re having trouble dealing with the break up. You’ll tell yourself you’ll only look at it once but then you’ll do it again and again because you’ll want to know every little thing that’s happening in her life. This isn’t a healthy way to live so you need to remove this temptation by not following her and getting on with your life.

11) You won’t second guess yourself

If you follow your ex on social media you’ll be able to see old pictures and posts from your relationship and see how well she’s coping with the breaking up. This could lead to you second guessing yourself about breaking up with her because you’ll be remembering the good times you had and what a great person she was. You’ll forget about what lead to the end of the relationship and will start thinking about getting back together.

It will make the break up go smoother

It’s best to have a clean break when a relationship ends so that it’s easier to deal with the pain and move on. If you follow your ex on social media you’re going to be constantly reminded of her and she’s going to keep being a part of your life even though she’s no longer in it. You need to stop following her so you can leave her in the past, focus on healing your broken heart and finding love again.

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