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10 Good unique questions to ask a woman on a dating app

Things to ask a woman on a dating appWhen you’re talking to a woman on a dating app you need to remember that she gets tons of messages so the one you send needs to grab her attention. You can do this by asking unique or interesting questions as conversation starters so she feels compelled to answer you and the two of you can have fun getting to know each other better. Showing her that you’re an easy going guy who isn’t only interested in sex will make you stand out from other guys on the dating app and she’s going to want to meet you in person to see if you’re the real deal.

1) Are you an early bird or night owl?

When you’re on a dating app there’s a strong expectation of everything revolving around sex so by asking a simple question like whether she’s an early bird or night owl will be something she isn’t expecting. Knowing when she’s more alert and active can help you decide when to talk to her and figure out if your date with her should be earlier in the evening or later on at night. She won’t know that you’re tailoring your contact with her to her needs and will think you asked her that question because you think outside of the box.

2) What’s your ultimate adventure fantasy?

There are many different kinds of people on dating apps and it can be hard to find someone who’s personality is a good match for yours but finding out what her ultimate adventure fantasy is can give you quick insight to her personality. Thinking about adventure is going to get her excited and her imagination running wild, even though your question isn’t sexual, and you can see how outgoing she is so you can plan appropriate activities for your first date.

3) What’s your favourite word?

Asking what her favourite word is, isn’t something she’s going to be expecting someone to ask her on a dating app and it’s going to make her stop and think. Most guys talk about sex fairly quickly and their ice breakers usually consist of “Hey.” or “Do you have any pics?” so she’s going to notice your different approach. She’s going to be curious about where this type of conversation will lead to and her choice of word can give you insight into her personality because she may choose something funny or a word that has meaning for her.

4) Where do you see yourself in five years?

Most people using a dating app are looking for a one-time hookup or a regular fuck buddy but there are some people, especially women, who want something more serious. It may put women off if you immediately ask them what kind of relationship they want but you can ease into it with conversation starters about their future. Asking where she sees herself in five years will let you know if she’s looking for marriage or children without being upfront about it and she’s going to be happy that you’re interested in her life goals without realizing what you really mean by the question.

5) What kind of tattoo would you get?

What kind of tattoo would you get?Tattoos can express who you are and it shows a creativity because of the work that is involved in choosing the right design. You can make her time on the dating app like adultfriendfinder more fun by asking what kind of tattoo she’d get and if she’s not sure the two of you can keep the conversation going by bouncing ideas off of each other. It’ll be a memorable conversation for her and it’s going to make her want to see what other topics you’re curious about.

6) What are you passionate about?

Conversation starters need to be interesting because you want her to keep talking to you instead of getting bored and not replying to you. By asking her what she’s passionate about you’re giving her a chance to discuss things that are important to her which she’s going to appreciate more than cheesy pick up lines she’s used to hearing on the dating app. This gives her a chance to talk about her hobbies and help her make a connection with you.

7) Do aliens exist?

Ice breakers need to be catchy and make someone drawn to you and women love a man with a sense of humour. Be careful with how you ask about her belief in aliens because you don’t want to come across as creepy, you’re trying to be a light-hearted guy. Keep the tone light and say something like “So do aliens exist? I don’t know but the X Files is pretty convincing.” This can also lead to other conversation starters about your favourite TV shows and movies or other conspiracy theories.

8) What song do you sing in the shower?

When you’re on a dating app you want to keep a balance between being generic so you don’t offend anyone and being personal so that you can quickly make a connecting with them. One way to do this is by mentioning an activity that many people do, like singing in the shower. If this is something she does she’s going to laugh about it and will want to know if you do the same thing which can lead to a discussion about your favourite songs.

9) Would you spend the night in a haunted house?

This is a great question to ask on a dating app, especially in October, because it can tell you how adventurous she is and if she mentions how much she likes going to haunted houses at Halloween then it can give you a date idea. The two of you can tease each other about how scared you are and what the prize would be for completing the challenge or talk about haunted houses you’ve visited in the past.
10) Would you rather stargaze or curl up by a fire?
Ask her if she’d rather go star gazing or spend the night curled up by a fire and watch how receptive she becomes towards you. This is because she’s thinking of what it would be like to do those activities with you and if you make a good first impression she may want it to become a reality.

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