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10 Reasons why attractive people have a harder time finding a partner

Attractive People finding a PartnerAttractive people are supposed to be lucky in love because everyone wants them but they can actually have a harder time finding a partner for a long-term relationship than average looking people. Their looks can be a barrier in their dating life because they’re judge more harshly than others, they’re seen as sex objects and real couples can feel jealousy towards them which puts off their single friends who are looking for love. This is why you need to be more understanding when attractive people complain about how hard it is to find love because for them it can be.

1) They have more options

When people fantasize about their ideal partner they picture someone sexy and irresistible which is why they throw themselves at people who live up to these usually unrealistic standards. They make it clear they’re single and interested in them. This means attractive people have more options to choose from when they’re looking for a partner because they can get anyone they want. It can be difficult to choose the right person so they either get overwhelmed and end up single or they go from one relationship to the next.

2) Attractive people are misjudged

There are lots of misconceptions about attractive people, such as being dumb, high-maintenance, arrogant or self-centered, and this makes people misjudge them. People who believe these misconceptions will avoid dating attractive people because they don’t want to be with someone like that and will date someone who they think is more in-line with their attitude. Beautiful people end up alone even though they want to find a partner and will try to prove these ideas about them to be wrong.

3) There’s jealousy towards attractive people

People are jealous of others who they perceive as being better than them and this includes physical appeal. Real couples see an attractive person who’s single and worry that they’ll steal their partner away and will tell their friends to be careful around them so there’s less chance of them being around. Jealousy can also affect the person who is dating someone attractive because they’re going to worry about them leaving for someone that’s in their league which is going to affect the relationship.

4) They can be intimidating

Attractive people can be intimidating to those who suffer from low self-esteem because it makes them even more aware of how they look. They’re also intimidating because they’re seen as being out of most people’s league and people are nervous about approaching them and making the right first impression. They’re just like average looking people and don’t mean to be intimidating but others don’t realize this and will be too shy or scared to ask them out.

5) They’re seen as a sexual conquest

Sexual conquestEveryone wants to sleep with someone who is very sexy and this makes attractive people a sexual conquest. They know that’s why some people ask them out and they don’t want to be seen as a sex object so they turn down these dates. They are more choosy about who they choose to be their partner and won’t rush into a relationship which means they spend more time being single. They don’t rush into sex and will take things slowly so they know that the person is truly interested in them.

6) They don’t want to be shown off

They don’t want to be shown off to their partner’s friends and be seen as a luxury that can be bought. They would rather be independent and abide by their own moral code. Instead of looking for a partner and a stable relationship they will choose to have one night stands or friends with benefits because these relationships are on their terms and isn’t solely based on their looks.

7) It’s harder for them to trust people

It can be harder for attractive people to trust others because they worry about ulterior motives and don’t want to be hurt by trusting the wrong person. They wonder if they’re being used for their looks and worry that they’re being judged and this takes a toll on their emotional and mental well-being. They keep a distance until they know who is trustworthy and who isn’t which makes them seem aloof or cold. This isn’t a desired quality in a partner so people won’t ask them out and having people avoid them makes their trust issues worse.

8) There are relationship beauty standards

There are relationship beauty standards and people are expected to date within their league. When an attractive person dates an average looking person people gossip about them and wonder if they’re a real couple because they think the good-looking person can do better. This makes attractive people feel self-conscious about their dating choices and will pick their partner based on what other people want instead of picking someone who is right for them regardless of looks. Choosing a partner like this means there’s less of a connection and the relationship isn’t going to last long.

9) They can struggle with self-confidence

People who are attractive can struggle with self-confidence because they don’t see themselves as others do and they may feel pressure to live up to standards set by society. They will focus on things they perceive to be flaws or don’t care about physical appeal as much as others do and don’t see themselves as being worthy of the attention they get. It’s difficult to date when you don’t have confidence in yourself and this is going to affect an attractive person’s dating life. They aren’t outgoing enough to talk to a potential partner and others will sense their lack of confidence and choose to date someone who has a more upbeat personality.

10) It’s hard for them to approach average people

An attractive person who romantically approaches someone that is average looking will generally be received in one of two ways: excitement or suspicion. The person will be excited about going out with someone so sexy and will be eager to have the date as soon as possible which can make them desperate or the person will be suspicious and wonder why someone so attractive would be interested in them. Neither of these are good reactions and are enough to make an attractive person hesitate and think twice about asking out someone they like.

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