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Women reveal 10 non-sexual things men do that turn them on the most

Non sexual things women like from menWhen women are choosing a partner they look for a man that can excite them in the bedroom but also in a non-sexual way because they want someone who can satisfy all of their needs. There are things you do that you don’t even realize they pay attention to nor do you know the effect it has on them. This is why you need to make a good impression starting from the first date and keep up your good habits so that she can’t get enough of you.

1) Being able to laugh at themselves

A lot of men think that ‘real men’ are strong and serious so they try to portray that instead of letting their real selves show. They don’t joke around because they think it makes them look childish but women love it when a man is able to laugh at himself and see the funny side of things, especially if the jokes they make are non-sexual. It puts them at ease and it’s more relaxing for them to spend time with you because you’re someone they can make a connection with which is going to increase their desire to sleep with you.

2) Taking care of their appearance

Some men only make an effort with their appearance when it’s a special occasion like a first date because they want to impress their date. Women notice how you look when they first meet you and when you dress up for them and it makes them feel special but what really turns them on is a man who takes care of his appearance as part of his everyday routine. They notice the man who wears nice clothes, shaves and makes sure he goes for regular haircuts because he stands out from other men. If you do this then you’ll be their first choice when it comes to saying “Yes.” to a first date.

3) Knowing what they want

You can show her you have confidence by walking with your back straight, making eye contact when talking to her and asking her out on a first date without taking ages to do it by awkwardly flirting or dropping hints and speaking clearly. Make it clear that you know what you want and are willing to go for it because this strength is a non-sexual behaviour that women want to see in the bedroom.

4) Being secure in their masculinity

Bad boys are sexy but only to a certain point then women find their behaviour too much to deal with and start getting turned on by men who don’t need to broadcast their masculinity in rough ways. They crave men who are secure in their masculinity and aren’t afraid to do non-sexual things like express their feelings, show affection and help out with household chores because they want to do their part.

5) A willingness to learn

Some men are stubborn to a strong degree which is why it’s sexy when they find a man who is open-minded and willing to learn new things. You can do this by trying new foods, learning about different cultures and be willing to admit when you don’t know something. Being patient and making an effort to keep learning as you get older is a non-sexual trait that women want in a man but it’s also going to improve your life in other areas. This is going to make you a more rounded person and women are going to fall in love with your positive attitude.

6) Kindness towards animals and children

Showing kindness towardsShowing kindness towards animals and children are a non-sexual trait that women find themselves attracted to as they get older. They’ve been with bad boys and now they want something different and seeing you being kind to those who are vulnerable is going to grab their attention. At this stage of life they find it sexy to see a man be tender because they want a man like you in their life and it gets their fantasies running wild. It only takes a few moments from you to make her see you as a non-sexual interest into a man that she wants to get close to.

7) Showing passion in a hobby

Showing passion in a hobby is a non-sexual activity that turns women on because it makes you interesting and they want to experience some of that passion in the bedroom. When you’re talking to her about your hobby you need to sound excited by it while also doing little things that gets her thoughts turning to something more sexy. You can do this by leaning close to her and stroking her arm while talking to her or by being flirty and saying you’re passionate about other things too.

8) Knowing how to listen

A non-sexual trait that turns women on is knowing how to listen because this makes them feel like you care about them and that you truly know them. This creates a strong bond between the two of you and feeling this close to you makes it easier for them to get aroused. When she’s talking to you about something, especially if it’s important to her, you need to practice good communication by making eye contact, not interrupting her, asking questions when appropriate and remembering what she says.

9) Being genuine and respectful

A non-sexual way to make women want you is by fueling their fantasies while acting like you’re not doing it on purpose. Women fantasize about being with Prince Charming and you can slide into that fantasy by acting like a gentleman. When you’re flirting with her you need to be genuine because women can easily tell when a man is putting on a show for them and be respectful with your pickup lines. Show them you’re boyfriend material and she’ll be dying to get you before anyone else does.

10) Treating women as equals

Treating women as equals is something that men should do but they don’t always, either on purpose or by accident. Women pay attention to how you treat women, especially on a first date, so try not to check out other women when you’re with her, be polite to the waitress and don’t expect your girlfriend to do things like chores just because she’s a woman. Being treated as an equal makes her feel appreciated and loved which is going to help her sexual feeling towards you.

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