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Dating Tips

7 reasons why adult dating sites are better than picking up a prostitute

If you had to choose between finding a woman on adult dating sites or picking up hookers when you wanted to get laid then you may be tempted to go with hookers. It seems a lot easier than taking the time to join dating sites, sending messages and finding someone that you’re interested in. There […]

how to talk dirty to your partner and sound really sexy

If you want to try spicing up your sex life with you partner but don’t want to do anything too crazy like dirty sex then you could try something else. A good way to kick things up a notch while in bed is to talk dirty to your partner. It will be a change from […]

How to have an affair and not get caught

When you want to have an affair you want it to be fun and full of discreet sex. Your partner should never find out about it but a lot of marriages end once someone is caught having an affair. You don’t want that to happen to you so be smart about the person you take […]

The best way to ask your partner for sex on adult dating sites

Nearly everyone with a profile on an adult dating site is looking for sex dating but they don’t come out and say that. They don’t want to turn people off and keep things clean by saying they’re looking for a relationship. It can be difficult to know what to say in order to take things […]

How to use adult dating sites to find someone for local sex

When you’re browsing sex sites it’s usually because you either want to hook up in the near future for some real sex or you want to have a bit of cyber fun. If you’re in the mood to hook up then the type of person you want is someone who is local. There may be […]

7 reasons you should date Aussie women

Dating Aussie women isn’t like dating any other kind of woman; they’re fun, good looking and are always up for a good time. Next time you’re looking for a hot hook up consider dating an Aussie, it’ll be a new experience for you. 1) They’re sexy Aussie women have a level of sex appeal that […]

7 great tips for successful sex with your partner

Sex with your partner can become boring over time or you may not be sure if they’re happy with the sex life you have which leads to not being very successful in the bedroom. If you want to get laid with your partner more often then you might want to consider trying a new approach. […]

on line profile

Online Dating: 7 things to say in your first message

The best online dating sites allow you to quickly and easily message the people you’re interested in which is great unless you don’t know what to say. Your online profile won’t be enough to get someone’s attention so you need to make sure that you say the right things in your first message to them […]

7 tips to identify a fake online dating profile

Adult dating sites are known for being a great way to meet people but they’re also known for having lots of scammers on them. You don’t want to waste time replying to fake profiles use these tips and take your time when reading an online profile. By doing that you can get a better idea […]

5 Tips to Make a Good Adult Dating Profile In 2016

Adult dating in Australia can be done in a few different ways. You can go out to a bar or club and hope to meet someone, you can ask out a friend or co-worker or you can join an adult dating site. You may even do all three but joining an adult dating site is […] Protection Status