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Dating Tips

5 Online dating tips to get laid with an Aussie girl every week

Every man wants to spend his nights having sex with hot girls but a lot end up spending the night alone. The reason varies but for the most part it’s because of their approach. If you want to be one of the ones who’s having sex whenever he wants than join some online dating sites […]

7 Simple changes to improve your online dating profile

One thing that happens after you’ve belonged to a couple of online dating sites for awhile is that you’ll notice a drop in interested people. That’s because your profile is getting old and no longer grabs people’s attention. You need to keep your profile fresh and exciting on hookup sites to keep the messages coming […]

The 7 best sex positions you should try with Australian women

Sexy women and hot sex are the perfect combination when it comes to date night so make things exciting by trying a different sex position than boring old Missionary. 1) Doggy Style Doggy Style is when you fuck her from behind while she’s kneeling on all fours. This is one of the best positions for […]

7 Rules for having sex in public places and not getting caught

Public sex is exciting because of the risk of getting caught but you don’t want it to actually happen. You could get into legal trouble so you need to avoid that and instead find ways to get the excitement without the negative consequences. 1) Choose somewhere secluded There are a lot of places that are […]

Simple reasons why online dating shouldn’t scare you

Online dating is something that’s popular and everybody knows someone who’s done it before. It’s now an acceptable way to meet people and sites make it easier than ever to join. If you’ve had doubts about adult dating then it’s time to see for yourself that it’s nothing to be scared of. It’s easy to […]

6 Sexting tips that will make her horny

Every man wants a horny girl to have a bit of fun with and if it can’t happen in person then you could try sexting. You could use it as a substitute for sex until you can meet or you can use it as a way to lead to a night of wild sex. Either […]

6 Qualities of a good sex partner

When you’re online dating and trying to get a regular thing going with someone it’s easy to ruin things by not being what they want in the bedroom. Being a good sex partner is key to having a successful relationship so work on your skills to increase your chances of having your hook up be […]

Australian winter: the best adult dating season!

Winter in Australia is a great time to meet some new sexy ladies and have some fun. You can start out slowly from the privacy of your home before moving on to going out for a date then having sex at your place. Everyone thinks of spring and summer as being the perfect seasons for […]

The best tips for successful dating after 50

Finding sexy women to date after you’re 50 can seem like a difficult task. You might feel like you’re too old to start over or that you can’t compete with the younger crowd. It is possible however to be successful at dating as an older person if you make a bit of an effort. The […] Protection Status